Monzen Yoshoku FUJIYA

Monzen Yoshoku FUJIYA



Monzen* Yoshoku* dining is a new style of dining experience, conceived by THE FUJIYA GOHONJIN, located in front of Zenkoji Temple in Shinshu.

Based on the concept of blending "TRADITION & MODERNITY", we have been pursuing the idea that a "feast" is more than just "delicious food".

We were inspired to create a menu which takes delicious locally produced rice and combines it with modern ingredients to create Yoshoku dishes, a unique Japanese cuisine, which you are sure to love.

*Monzen: In Japanese "monzen" means "in front of a temple".

*Yoshoku: The term "Yoshoku" derives from the Japanese words "yo," meaning "Western," and "shoku," meaning "cuisine." It refers to a unique type of fusion cuisine that skillfully blends elements of Western and Japanese culinary traditions, resulting in a distinctive style that is uniquely Japanese.


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