Monzen Yoshoku FUJIYA



Monzen* Yoshoku* dining is a new style of dining experience, conceived by THE FUJIYA GOHONJIN, located in front of Zenkoji Temple in Shinshu.
Based on the concept of blending “TRADITION & MODERNITY”, we have been pursuing the idea that a ‘feast’ is more than just ‘delicious food’. We were inspired to create a menu which takes delicious locally produced rice and combines it with modern ingredients to create Yoshoku dishes, a unique Japanese cuisine, which you are sure to love.

*Monzen: In Japanese “monzen” means “in front of a temple”.
*Yoshoku: In Japanese “yo” means “western”, and “shoku” means “food”. This is a type of Japanese fusion cuisine. Elements of Japanese and western cuisine have been skillfully combined and have evolved into an original cuisine unique to Japan.

“ごちそう”セレクション & ハンバーグ

GOCHISO Selection & Beef Hamburg

信州米豚のソテー りんごとあめ色玉ねぎの門前ソース

Sauteed SHINSHU Pork, Special MONZEN Sauce

信州ハーブ鶏のロールキャベツ 完熟トマトソース

Cabbage Roll with SHINSHU Herb Chicken

ズワイ蟹のクリームコロッケ 果物と野菜の完熟ソース

Cream Crab Meat Croquette, Vegetable Sauce

エビフライ 自家製タルタルソース

Deep Fried Prawn, Homemade Tartar Sauce

信州ハーブ鶏のソテー りんごとあめ色玉ねぎの門前ソース

Sauteed SHINSHU Herb Chicken, MONZEN Sauce

“ごちそう”セレクション & エビフライ

GOCHISO Selection & Fried Prawn


Prime Beef Steak Bowl (Limited Quantity)

お子様ランチ デザート & オレンジジュース付き

Kid’s Plate with Dessert & Orange Juice


Beef Stew (Limited Quantity)

サーモンと彩り野菜のソテー 香味バターソース

Sauteed Salmon and Vegetables with Lemon Butter Sauce


MONZEM Beef Curry


Minced Cutlet 〜MONZEN style〜


MONZEN Butter Chicken Curry

ハンバーグステーキ りんごと醤油の門前ソース

Hamburg Steak, Special MONZEN Sauce


Seafood Cream Stew

ハンバーグステーキ フォンとチーズの特製ソース

Hamburg Steak, Fond de Veau and Cheese Sauce


Wagyu Beef Cutlets

信州オレイン豚のグリル 信州産季節の野菜添え

Grilled SHINSHU Olein Pork with Seasonal Vegetables