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Monzen Yoshoku FUJIYA


Established as an inn at the beginning of the Edo period in front of the gate of Zenkoji Temple (Nagano), Fujiya was the lodging house of several feudal lords such as Kaga and was used as a "Gohonjin (an inn catering to high ranking government officials) " during that time. Afterwards, Fujiya came to be loved by many well known people and now, THE FUJIYA GOHONJIN is thriving as both a restaurant and venue to hold wedding events. "Monzen Yoshoku Fujiya" is its branch restaurant.


Monzen Yoshoku FUJIYA

We offer unique Monzen Yoshoku dishes, which are a harmonious blend of Japanese and western cuisine, succeeded from THE FUJIYA GOHONJIN.
In addition, the fireplace and the kamado stove make you feel welcome in our restaurant with its heart-warming atmosphere.
Based on the concept of blending “TRADITION & MODERNITY”, we have been pursuing the idea that a “feast” is more than just “delicious food.”
Please enjoy our Yoshoku specialties, which are inspired by tradition and enhanced by modernity.