Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you have a dress code?
No. We do not have any dress code.
Are you a hotel?
Not any more. We had operated as a hotel untill 2006. We turned to be a restaurant & banquet hall then.
What is your smoking policy?
Smoking is not allowed in our dining and lobby.
However, we have both smoking and non-smoking sections in our lounge.
Do you have vegetalian meals?
We do not usually have vegetalian meals on our menu.
But we can make some vegetalian meals available upon your request in advance.
Please let us know what you can / can not take in your reservation.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. We accept all the major credit cards.
Do you accept Apple Pay?
No. We do not accept Apple Pay.
Do you accept Google Pay?
No. We do not accept Google Pay.
Do you have outdoor seats?
No. We do not have any outdoor seats.
Do you have a free wi-fi?
Yes. A free wi-fi is available for our guests. Please ask us for the passcode.
Do you have an English menu?
Yes. We have English menus.
Do you take reservations?
Yes. You can make a booking request from the form.
We will answer the availability and to your requests / questions by email.
Are you good for kids?
Yes. We have special chair and meals for kids.